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  5. "Мы с мамой любим рис."

"Мы с мамой любим рис."

Translation:My mother and I like rice.

January 28, 2016



I wrote love, not like. I have been deemed wrong. Why?


If love isn't acceptable how do you say "My mother and I love rice"?


How would you say we and mom like rice? Like if you mean that all us kids and our mom like rice?


Same thing as lucylle. When you click on любим, it even gives you the word love. Not wrong!


Should not "Mom and I like rice." also be correct? I am wondering how "my" snuck into the translation.


How did "to eat" get in the translation? There is nothing about eating in the Russian sentence. Granted eating is what you mostly do with rice. But I have a feeling that if I were translating this and used the verb "to eat", they would mark it wrong.


"есть" is implied here. "Мы с мамой любим есть рис." emphasizes that we like to eat rice. For other emm... "processes" (actions) you have to specify them directly:

  • "Мы с мамой любим варить рис." (boil)
  • "Мы с мамой любим хвалить рис." (praise)
  • "Мы с мамой любим смотреть на рис." (look at)


Two months later I'm reviewing this skill, and I note that "eat" has been removed from the translation. That's a help for us beginners.


My mother and I like rice = Моя мама и я любим рис ?


But can one say "мама и я любим рис" in conversation? Or is only "мы с мамой" correct?


Would be good to know...


I see literal translation would be "we", but the accepted one is "my mother and I", so my question is: why is it not accepting "my mother and me"?


The first person pronoun here is the subject of the sentence with mother. In English, that is "I." If you take away "my mother" you couldn't say, "Me like rice."


I wrote "I and my Mother like rice". It defended as an error. Why?


how to say "we and you"


Can someone explain why we used : " With mom " , can't you say " мы и мама любим рис " ?


"Мы с" can mean two persons. "Мы с тобой" is the way of saying "you and I". It's as if "с" combines YOU and I into US. A similar example could be "Мы с ним/ней" = "He/she and I".

While in "мы и мама" "и" separates "МЫ" from "мама" and since plural requires two or more I'd say that "мы и мама" means not less than three persons.

So there can be difference between "мы с" (singular + singular) and "мы и" (plural + singular).


Can I write: 《Мама с мной любим рис》?


I understood this means we as in mom and I, but since мы usually means we, how would you say we eat rice with mom (for a total of 3 or more people)?


Мы is we no I, I am sure about it, but I have a wrong answer when I write like this.


Could you say я с мамой любим...

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