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  5. "Do we know you?"

"Do we know you?"

Translation:Czy my was znamy?

January 28, 2016



I know basically all of the posts in here are "Why is my valid answer considered invalid?" and that I probably should not contribute yet another possible translation, but I submitted "Czy znamy cię" only to be told I needed to use the second-person-plural (was) instead of second-person-singular (cię / ciebie). Is there any way for Duolingo to distinguish between plural and singular in this case, or is it just a matter of guessing?


In 99% of the sentences with "you" and "your", both singular and plural are equally correct. There must be something specific in the sentence that forbids one option (for example we don't accept bigamy, so "your wife" can only be translated with singular).

"ciebie" would be accepted in this answer. It's a stressed form. "Czy znamy cię" doesn't really sound good to me. Although a few versions that are accepted currently don't sound good to me as well...

Frankly, I'd personally advise "Znamy cię/was?", this sounds the most natural to me.


Why is the translation "Czy znamy ciebie" incorrect? I thought czy should be added to the beginning of any question.


while I agree with mixal, it is less common to omit "ja/ty/my/wy" after "czy".


sametimes but both form are correct. Possibly is omit "ja/ty/my/wy" after "czy" but not necessary. All correct answer: 1. Czy my znamy was? 2. Czy my znamy ciebie? 3. czy znamy was? 4. czy znamy ciebie?

and additional; form "Czy my was znamy?" is correct but nobody speaks so.


It's correct. But often "czy" is simply omitted and a question is differentiated from a statement by intonation.


Why isnt "czy my znamy ciebie" correct? I thought Word placement in polish didnt matter so much


It's correct, added. It puts a stronger emphasis on 'ciebie'. But try to forget the 'free word order' and similar stuff. The word placement matters. Some sentences are natural, some are weird but understandable, and some are just wrong.


I love this explanation about word order. It can be applied to all languages.


Why is "znamy ty" not possible? How would I say if I was adressing a single Person?


"znać" takes Accusative, which for singular 'you' is "cię" or "ciebie".

"ciebie" however is a stressed, emphatic form, so it doesn't sound that great here. "Znamy cię?" will be the best. Especially in a 'why are you talking to us as if you knew us' context.


there is no "was" option for me


Well, then you must have had "ciebie", which is the other starred answer.


What is wrong with "Czy znamy cię?"


See Part Two here: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/28029344

The most natural word orders are either "Znamy cię?" or "Czy my cię znamy?".


Czy znamy cie? Why not?


See here, Part 2: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/28029344

Or the comments above. I answered the same question a month ago...


I put "czy my ciebie znamy?" It said correct, my question is, does that sound weird or unnatural?


Nevermind i think you answered that indirectly above

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