"Restorana rezervasyonsuz mu gidiyor?"

Translation:Is he going to the restaurant without a reservation?

January 28, 2016

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Is it possible to say "Restorana rezervasyonsuz gidiyor mu"?


When you say "Restorana rezervasyonsuz mu gidiyor?" you are stressing "without reservation" action.

If you build it as "Restorana rezervasyonsuz gidiyor mu" you build the same sentence but stressing is now on the verb "to go to the restaurant".


Then dose rezervasyonlu mean with reservation?


why don't you accept the word 'booking' instead if 'reservation'


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according to google translation without means siz ,why here it is written suz rezervasyonsuz ?


souhasouma, it is "rezervasyon-suz" because the suffix follows the 4 way wovel harmony. The wovel in the suffix depends on the last wovel of the word. In "rezervasyOn" the last wovel is an "o". So, the wovel of the suffix is "u" in "suz". If the last wovel is: "e" or "i" > suffix wovel= "i". If the last word wovel is "ö" or "ü", suffix wovel = "ü". If the last word wovel is "o" or "u", suffix wovel = "u". If last word wovel is "a" or "i pointless", suffix wovel is "i pointless". I hope you can look at this video in English, very clear and usefull: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_FFQQAB2ds4. Enjoy it.


Can this also be translated as "Are they going to the restaurant without a reservation?


Nope, you would either need to have "onlar" in the sentence or have the verb be plural (or both).


...so for questions, there has to be an obvious indicator of the plural -- the third person singular won't suffice.


For all sentences it is like this. "onlar gidiyor"=""onlar gidiyorlar="gidiyorlar"=/="gidiyor"


"Are they going to the restaurant without a reservation". It means "Onlar restorana rezervasyonsuz mu gidiyor". If you are not use subject in turkish sentence, the subject is "he/she/it (same subject in turkish "o")".

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