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What Welsh children's books can you recommend?

Bore da bob,

I find when learning a new language it helps to do lots of reading, starting with children's books.

Can anyone recommend any Welsh children's books to me?

Diolch yn fawr!

January 28, 2016



Do you want ebooks or paper? Some of the better Welsh children's books are not available as ebooks.

Also what age do you want? The Magic Key series is available in Welsh for beginner level, but if you want older child/young adult books there are plenty, albeit with rather more difficult Welsh!

One reasonably cheap ebook with a reasonable detective story is Jac by Guto Dafydd. The Welsh is North Wales dialect but reasonably easy. The story is fast moving enough, and although it has some weaknesses as a story, it is a nice children's detective adventure.

Another series that looks good, and which I have on my TBR list is a series by Philip Elgan Jones. The first in the series is "Olion Hen Elyn". I cannot comment further on it because I haven't read it yet, but it was good enough looking for me to purchase. I think it is only available in paper.

There are also more adult books for learners, which have easy Welsh, included vocabulary and sometimes even parallel English text. Examples are Pat Clayton's books in the Cyfres Y Dysgwyr (Learner' series). You could start with Gofal! Dysgwyr, a very funny story about a group of language learners on a course! However these are only available in print.Amazon has some cheap second hand ones.

Two of the publishers of Welsh Language books are Y Lolfa and Gomer. Their websites are here:



Their catalogues are quite extensive but I don't know how many are available as ebooks.


Thanks very much for your reply Stephen. I shall have a look in my local library for the Magic Key series. I'm only just beginning, so it's all baby steps for me. And then I might move on to Jac and Olion Hen Elyn and Gofal! Dysgwyr.

Diolch yn fawr!


Somewhat random question on this subject: Are Lloyd Alexander's "Chronicles of Prydain" widely known in Wales? I wondered whether they might have been translated into Welsh at some point, but Google doesn't give any hint of that.


I bought them here in Wales, so yes, quite widely known. I have not seen them in Welsh translation though. Of course, the Welsh language has the original ;) (That is, many of his ideas are based on tales in the Mabinogion)

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