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  5. "Kaptan yakışıklı bir adam."

"Kaptan yakışıklı bir adam."

Translation:The captain is a handsome man.

January 28, 2016



I just can't get my head around the word order in Turkish. I mean, to a native English speaker this looks like captain handsome is a man. Is there any special order, for example does the verb always go last? Is the bir necessary? Without it this might make more sense as I read it - (the) captain (is a) handsome man.


Take out handsome. You get kaptan bir adam; the captain is a man. Now just remember that adjectives come before subjects and even before articles like a or the.

Just memorize it, dont compare it to English. I'm sure Turks think the word order in English is strange.


Why we cannot we say "the handsome captain is a man"? And how to say this in turkish


Yakışıklı kaptan bir adamdır.


Why not 'kaptanin', it have article 'the'?


Kaptanin means captain's.

The Turkish sentence starts with an object like kaptan, and doesnt need an article. But when you write a rough translation in English, you have to put "the" before captain. Remember we are translating the meaning, not literally.

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