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Document Translations need fixing

This may be limited to the Italian (beta), but I notice that there is a flood of technology and technical articles. In my opinion, this material is not suitable for translation (especially for new language learners) because it is often fill with jargon or computer commands. Jargon, especially, does not translate well from English which is the common language of origin for most of these terms. I understand that uploading documents is done voluntarily, and quite possibly this attracts a more tech savvy article base for translation. I think it should be possible for either users to filter content by category, or have the DuoLingo team spend some time manually curating articles from other sources that are more widely applicable and less jargon-filled.

January 15, 2013



If you go directly to the translations' menu, you can choose the preferred category. In Italian you still can't, surely because it's a Beta. Portuguese has this, even though it displays fewer categories. But through the lessons, you can't indeed choose. You have a point. Regarding jargon, that actually isn't a problem, because such technical terms are usually not translated in most languages. Spanish is known to be an exception, they translate everything they can, but Italians do the opposite, even to the extreme of assimilating words they have a perfectly good version of in their mother tongue, such as "weekend" for "fine settimana".


Thanks, I didn't even notice a categories section in the Italian beta. The title is there, but as you correctly point out, there are none present yet. With tech jargon, there is some English assimilation as you point out, but there is also a translation of many things which are cumbersome for new students to translate.

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