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Select translation of "coffee" between "tatws" (or another word), "coffi" and ... "coffi" :)

In the "PresTens1" lesson, there is a question in which we are supposed to find "coffee" in Welsh (one with the 3 images)... but 2 of them are "coffi" and only 1 is not "coffi" (of course, I think this is easier that way but I do not like when things are too easy!).

And thank you for the course. It is both funny and understandable. :)

January 28, 2016


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Ok problem solved we have coffi as an image twice in different skills, thanks for pointing it out.


Hi auracite,

see here for a ysterday discussion reporting the same issue (and also others here and here).


There is a report button down in the left corner. Click it and write about it there instead of posting about it in the forums. It's a lot easier for the developers to get an overview and correct mistakes.

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Thanks for the nice comment. Much appreciated. I'll look into the strange picture thing, although it could be a randomly generated question.

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