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  5. "Rolnik sprzedaje zboże."

"Rolnik sprzedaje zboże."

Translation:The farmer sells the grain.

January 28, 2016



Can't it be 'wheat'? I am horrible with grains.


wheat – pszenica
rye – żyto
barley – jęczmień
millet – proso


DOh! I cannot tell you how many pszeniczne piwa I have consumed, but I didn't make the connection at the time I posted! Thanks! Zboże is grain - I will try not to forget! :)


Wheat is one kind of grain. but then zboże is Cereal according to wikipedia https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zboża


Indeed, Wheat = Pszenica and polish Zboże can be translated as either cereal or grain, depending on context(for example, in scientific context, zboża rzekome like gryka are understood as not being part of zboża and therefore cereal would be better translation, but in common speech most people understand zboża to mean grain).


Gryka is buckwheat, right? What's the other thing that you mentioned?


"Pseudocereals are non-grasses that are used in much the same way as cereals (true cereals are grasses). Their seed can be ground into flour and otherwise used as cereals. Examples of pseudocereals are amaranth (Love-lies-bleeding, red amaranth, Prince-of-Wales-feather), quinoa, and buckwheat.[1]"


In polish, zboża rzekome.

And yes, as far as I know, Gryka = buckwheat.


Is grain derived from "from god"? Or "with god"?


„Zboże” comes from Proto-Slavic sъbožьje, which in turn is a compound of sъ- ‎(“good”) +‎ bogъ ‎(“god / property, share, portion”) +‎ *-ьje.


That is interesting. Do you know if there a site I can use to look up Polish words and see the definition, etymology, and/or synonyms/antonyms in English?


English wiktionary – while the Polish coverage is not the best, it's getting better and it's the only resource I can think of, that has this kind of informations about Polish in English.

But I don't know, maybe there is something else – generally, I use Polish language resources, so I'm not the best informed person about English ones. ;) I would suggest post about it on Polish forum, as other Polish learners might have some ideas I'm missing.


"The farmer sells grains" isn't acceptable?

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Well, 'grains' are plural, 'zboże' is a collective noun, so that's a bit different.


Zboże may be singular, but in English although we also have 'grain' that can be used in the same way, plural 'grains' can also be used anywhere collective 'grain' is, including in this sentence. Almost like the opposite of włosy ~ hair.


can it be seed?

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"seeds" (or "seed" treated as a mass noun) are "nasiona".

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