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  5. "Açıkça söylemedin."

"Açıkça söylemedin."

Translation:You did not tell it clearly.

January 28, 2016



say/tell not interchangeable? I would say it's more natural to say you did not say it clearly

[deactivated user]

    I believe their meaning are similar,although there is this one difference I can think of.

    We only use ''tell'' to mean instruct or inform while ''say'' can be used for any kind of talking.


    It really depends. Say a word or tell a story, for example.


    Indeed. It could certainly be "you did not tell it clearly," but "it" would have to be a joke, story, or something similar.


    I thought "açıkça" also meant "openly". To my understanding, "açıkça söylemedin" can also mean "you did not say it /speak openly". Eg. "Açıkça konuşalım". (Let's speak openly).


    Somebody has already said it. What is the difference between say and tell? 'You did not say it'clearly sounds just as right to me.


    There had been a sentence "Açıkça söyle". I think I translated "Tell it clearly" and was corrected to "Say it clearly". Now, remembering that I wrote "You did not say it cleary" and had been corrected to "You did not tell it clearly". I am struggeling with that. Can anybody clarify please.


    I meant to say: "You did not say it clearly ".


    why not «you did not tell clearly»? without «it»


    A little bit earlier, the valid translation for "Açıkça söyle!" was "Say it clearly!". This time "You did not say it clearly" is not accepted. The reason why is... not clear!!

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