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"Kocken är trevlig. Däremot är inte maten god."

Translation:The cook is nice. However, the food is not so good.

January 28, 2016



Jag har en fråga om ordföjld. Kan man sager "Däremot är maten inte så god."?


Yes, it's at least as good as the one we have above. däremot is an adverb and starts a main clause here, so that the rule is that the verb must go second. inte can go in either place, the difference in meaning is so small it's negligible.


Nice, my intuition was right for a change! I have recently learnt that when the object isn't starting the sentence then it goes after the verb and before satsverbs such as 'inte', hence my question. So if 'inte' can go in either place like you say, could worlds like 'alltid' 'aldig' also be placed in either of the 2 positions?


Mayu I ask, what are the nuances between trevlig, snäll, härlig, maybe some other ones meaning "nice" in that way ? Is snäll exclusively meant as friendly ?


Think "The cook is pleasant, however the food isn't so good" could be accepted here.


"The cook is nice. On the other hand the food is not so good", this sentence is wrong for some reason! It didn't accepted "The cook"! Is this a glitch?


Is "not very good" an acceptable translation for "inte så god"?


not very good and not very tasty I think make up natural English phrases meaning not especially good/tasty. not so good sounds like a swedification to me. Perhaps so is chosen here to reflect how it is usually expressed in Swedish.


+1 for pleasant being accepted


"Kocken är roligt. Däremot är inte maten så god" was not accepted. Should I understand that "roligt" is not the right word? If that's the matter, then what's the difference between trevlig and roligt?


Kocken är rolig. - The cook is funny.

Also notice that kock is an en-word (en kock) so the t-ending of roligt came out as a grammatical error.

Trevlig is more like nice/pleasant.

The evening was pleasant. - Kvällen var trevlig.

The evening was fun. - Kvällen var rolig.


in English "But" and "However" are mostly interchangeable. What about "Men" and "Däremot"? Are there any difference of use in both? As i tried to use "but" and was marked as wrong


No, I wouldn't really call them interchangeable in either language.


the cook is pleasant however the food isn't so good (??)


Added "pleasant" now. :)


Is däremot literally something like there against? And can it be used (I'm guessing not) in the sense of whichever way, as the English however can? E.g. However you look at it, Swedish is the best course on Duolingo :-)


Very literally, yes. I honestly never even considered that. :)

No, it only has the "that said / on the other hand" sense.


I tried a variant made possible by the selection of words available. "The cook is nice. However, their food is not so good". Given that often Swedish doesn't stipulate a personal pronoun where English does, would this in fact be OK? The system rejected it.


It's a fine phrase, but that would definitely use a pronoun in Swedish as well.


God = tasty?

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