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Can anyone understand this spanish joke?

FATHER: Hijo... ¿por qué andas en interior? Anda y ponte un "chor". SON: ¿ chor ? ... ¿chor de la selva?

June 4, 2012



Yeah, "chor" is a really bad spelling of "Short" and "de las Selva" means "of the jungle". Plus, when you read "chor" it kind of sound like "George". So, the father says: "Son, why are you in your underwear, go put on a short" and the son says: "Short? Short (George) of the Jungle?" It is a really bad joke.


LOL.. That joke sucks so much it is actually hilarious.


See Pablo - that's why we need you around here! :)


It's lovely to see word play in other languages :)

btw amaponian, your question might be more appropriately phrased as 'Can anyone understand...' (Greetings to you from Australia.)


Yes... It's a bad joke. But I laughed out loud when my 2-years-old son gave me that answer... ¿chor de la selva? [GREETINGS FROM VENEZUELA] [LOVE&FRIENDSHIP]

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