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  5. "Dw i eisiau cwningen."

"Dw i eisiau cwningen."

Translation:I want a rabbit.

January 28, 2016



Do other words exist for hare, bunny, etc, too? If not, aren't these (hare, bunny) also acceptable?


A bunny is either cwningen fach (little rabbit) or just bwni (bunny).

A hare is a different animal, in Welsh ysgyfarnog, or sgwarnog more colloquially.


Is this also how I would order rabbit from a menu? If so, "I want rabbit" is perhaps an acceptable translation?


Yes, you're right. If you check out the Welsh side of this menu you'll see that I Ddechrau "For Starters" they have Terîn cwningen gyda siytni afal sbeislyd a thost "Rabbit terrine with spiced apple chutney and toast" (scroll down for English), for which this phrase would be handy.

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