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"Den gamle mand siger at han et rumvæsen sin mark."

Translation:The old man says that he saw an alien on his field.

January 28, 2016



In the danish sentence the definite form of alien is used but in the translation it's marked as wrong, and it's even suggested to use the indefinite form "one" alien as a correction. This makes no sense to me, can somebody please explain this?

EDIT: don't make my mistake, "rumvæsen" is the word, the definite form would be "rumvæsenet", I was silly to comment in the first place but I'll leave this here for others who might make my same mistake.


I've done similar before. We probably all have. :)


I would say "IN his field".


Definitely better (correct) English. The translation "on" is a typical faulty direct translation. Generally the English level in the Danish course is better or on par with other languages but not in this case...


I think in this case, either one works


I think "in his field" should be accepted. I have to disagree, Noah - "on his field" is not correct.

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