"Czy jest sklep na lotnisku?"

Translation:Is there a store at the airport?

January 28, 2016

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Kałasznikow otworzył sklep z pamiątkami na moskiewskim lotnisku . Just in case you need an AK47 to go with your duty free wodka before your flight...


"Is it the shop at the airport?" is this wrong?


This sentence is about whether some shop is at the airport or not. In your sentence you ask if it is the shop at the airport. In Polish you would ask: "Czy to jest ten sklep na lotnisku?".


Alright, thanks for the clarification!


My answer was wrong but I'm being told that, "Is there the shop in the airport?" is the correct answer. This doesn't feel right either.

I think it should be, "Is there A shop in the airport?".


True, 'the' shouldn't be accepted. Deleted now, thanks for reporting.


According to the given translation "jest" must be a possibility to express "there is". What's its difference compared to "ma"?

My answer was: "Is the shop in the airport." which I am reporting, but tell me why it is marked as wrong, please.


In your English sentence, you know that there is some specific shop, and you ask where it is located. The Polish sentence asks if there is any shop at the airport.

"ma" = "he/she/it has". It is used in such constructions, but negative ones. Not positive and not questions. So "There is no shop at the airport" would be "Nie ma (żadnego) sklepu na lotnisku".


Could I use żadny in order to highlight the idea of any, so?

Czy jest żadny sklep na lotnisku?

How should I translate my version of "Is the shop in the airport?"? Do I have to define it by ten? Or is it word order that matters?

Czy (ten) sklep jest na lotnisku?


żadny is a word that is not noted by dictionaries. The proper for of it is „żaden”. But even then that wouldn't make a proper sentence. This meaning of „any” is usually translated as: jakiś/jakikolwiek/jakiś w ogóle.

If it helps you „żaden” is similar to the German „keiner”: keiner von uns = „żaden z nas” = none of us (man)

And to the second part: yes your proposition is reasonable. „Czy ten sklep jest na lotnisku” or „Czy sklep <Name> jest na lotnisku”.


I must have an accent when writing English ... Yes, the German hint does help me.

Czy jest jakiś sklep w ogóle na lotnisku?
Czy jest jakiś w ogóle sklep na lotnisku?
Czy jest sklep jakiś w ogóle na lotnisku?


The best would be:

Czy w ogóle jest jakiś sklep na lotnisku.

Followed by: Czy jest jakiś sklep w ogóle na lotnisku

Than the rest.


Why would "Is the store at the airport?" be incorrect?


Because you don't know anything about any store. You know that there is an airport. You ask if there is a store there.

I have to say though, that the Polish question sounds a bit odd to me. I'd rather ask "Czy na lotnisku jest [jakiś/] sklep?". I will see if other team members agree with me.


Yeah, I will change it, although I will still accept the current main answer.

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