"I do not see her."

Translation:Я не бачу її.

January 28, 2016

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я її не бачу ????

[deactivated user]

    This is definitely correct.


    I do not have the letter 'yi' on my phone so I HAVE to substitute 'yiyi' with two letter 'i's = 'ii'. I KNOW I am correct - but keep being marked 'wrong' because my phone refuses the Ukrainian letter 'yi'! PLEASE accept this 'glitch' so that I may carry on with the lesson. Буду вдячна!


    HA! - THIS IS INTERESTING: I put the English TRANSLITERATION "Ya ne bachu yiyi." and it WAS ACCEPTED as correct! (So now DL is accepting transliterated versions in English? - WHY was I not told about this before? It would have avoided many distressful 'yiyi' moments!!) :/

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