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"El periodista"

Translation:The journalist

January 15, 2013



Note that the word, periodista, relates to the English word, periodical, which is a monthly (or whatever) magazine which is published in established and expected periods. A writer of such publications could be called, in Engish, a "periodicalist" like it is in Spanish, but is called a journalist, instead, which roughly means the same thing as periodista, though the period specifide in the word, "journalist," is daily.


Thats a great way to remember! Thanks Eugene Tiffany!


periodista is another male word which ends with "a"?


Periodista can be both masculine and feminine.

El periodista = The male journalist

La periodista = The female journalist


It ends with -ista. Words that end like this can always be masculine or feminine


and also the guardia, can be el guardia and la guardia


it doesn't always depend on what the word ends with, sometimes it depends on the word in the begining, in this case ''el'', is the first word, so it is masculine, the same is true with ''la'', witch would be femenine


I have reported so many mistakes on Duo. But it's good.


Most of the time, if something ends in -ista, its masculine; such as deportista.


-isto works too!


That reminds me of the Egyptian journalist that was talking to Leonardo...


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