"That small fish is evil."

Translation:Tamta mała ryba jest zła.

January 28, 2016

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This was a South Park episode (when Stan's fish was from an evil parallel universe)


Hurry, kill that fish! O.o


Shouldn't "tamta rybka jest zła" work here? Or not?


I guess we can accept the diminutive "rybka" as a translation of "small fish". Added the possibility to omit "mała" if you use "rybka".


I have only just realised that

bad - zły / zła / złe

wrong - zły / zła / złe

angry - zły / zła / złe

evil - zły / zła / złe


About 'wrong' - sure, when it's "wrong answer" or "wrong choice", but remember that it doesn't work for 'being wrong'.

"You're wrong!" is "Nie masz racji!" or "Mylisz się!".


czemu jest tamta _ ? czy mozna napisac ta _ >


Usually, ta = this and tamta = that


Just because it does not drinks coffee

[deactivated user]

    Nor chleb.


    Well, most fish don't drink bread, I believe.

    [deactivated user]

      Nor *eat chleb.


      How can you tell?


      Unless I'm missing something, the suggested answer has an error...

      You used the wrong word. Ta mała ryba jest zła.

      Shouldn't it be Tamta mała ryba?

      I did actually make a real error in my answer, so it's likely the correct answer is accepted, but I just wanted to check that I hadn't missed some important subtlety about Ta/tamta in this context . Until now, the course has translated them literally as this/that (I realise it is more subtle that that in practice).


      The main translations should be very 'direct': "this" = "ta" and "that" = "tamta".

      However, in fact it is indeed more subtle. [this/that/that] translates to [ta/ta/tamta]. So "Ta mała ryba" is a correct answer as well. Why did the algorithm 'correct' your usage of "tamta", that I don't know.


      Evil seabass with freaking laser beams.


      Is "Tamta mała ryba to zła. " not possible?


      No. "That small fish is evil" could be treated as an "X is Y" sentence, but if Y (evil) is just an adjective, it has to use the "jest" construction, and the adjective is in Nominative.

      If you had "That small fish is an evil animal", with both X (That small fish) and Y (an evil animal) being noun phrases, then you'd have two options:

      "Tamta mała ryba to złe zwierzę" ('to' + Y in Nominative) or "Tamta mała ryba jest złym zwierzęciem" (a form of "być" + Y in Instrumental).


      I am absolutely terrified of the evil fish.


      Correct answer says it should be mała rybka jest zła


      Do you mean that it was the suggestion given to you? "tamta" or "ta" really must have been there to translate "that", but we accept "rybka", it makes sense to accept the diminutive form after "mała".

      [deactivated user]

        It says i have a typo on "rybka", but it wasn't shown as an option.


        I now noticed your nickname and I love it :D

        Well... what did you try to write? "rybka" is among the accepted answers, but we don't teach that word. It's technically a diminutive (like "a little fish"), we don't accept many of those, but this one is very often used to refer to fish kept in aquariums, especially as pets.

        I guess it's possible that you made a typo and for some reason the algorithm decided to compare your answer to one of the 'just accepted' answers...


        It's the tweedly moustache that gives it away

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