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Finished my Welsh Tree

Just finished the Welsh tree. Am I the first? How do I attach the screenshot?

January 28, 2016



Presumably you already spoke Welsh!


Yes I have the distinct advantage of being an advanced learner. That is not to say I knew it all on this course. I got plenty wrong and it highlighted some issues I have to work on. However I was able to test out on to the second check point, and was pretty au fait with the vocabulary until towards the end.


I'm just over half way through and I thought I was doing really well :O


Waw! Bendigedig! Byddwn i wrth fy modd i glywed dy farn am yr unedau olaf - Technoleg, Gwyddoniaeth ayyb! Llongyfarchiadau hefyd! :D


Wel, roedd llawer o eirfa newydd yn yr uned technoleg. Chlywais i erioed y gair "taenlen", er enghraifft. Ond dyna da iawn :) Mae lot of eirfa defnyddiol yno. Dw i wedi anfon rhyw adborth. Gobeithio y fydd yn defnyddiol gyda'r cwrs.

O a diolch yn fawr am eich gwaith caled ar y cwrs. Mae'n ardderchog.

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Congrats!!! I'm hoping to do so as well.


Wow. Will you also be the first to level 25? ;)


I am not level 25 in anything yet...so don't hold your breath :)


Things have certainly moved on in the last two years!


You probably are first, yes!


I think you are not the first ... There is Hyllning https://www.duolingo.com/Hyllning But wow ! COngratulations !


I finished my tree a year ago so this is a bit old now! Hyllning, on the other hand, has not completed the Welsh tree. Their activity log shows they only completed 15 skills in the tree and all the other points seem to have been gained from glitch immersion. Its a bit of a giveaway that their total points are not divisible by 10.


I appreciate the truthfulness and am sorry for being so dramatic, but I like fairness


May i suggest that Celebrations are a bit limited. Golden wedding is one I have asked about, but there is new baby, new grandchild. My mind has gone blank, but i am sure... well, "your happy event" could be used for things not yet comsidered... Civil Partnership, Doctorate, Degree....


Finished it ages back


GREAT job! My Welsh skills currently limit me to "Helo, sut dych chi?" "Dw i da! Diolch! Dych chi'n mwynhau cymraeg?" "Ydw!"

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