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Submitting reports

As with most all courses on Duolingo, especially when they're new, there are lots of alternative ways to say things that are valid, but haven't been added yet.

Welsh is the first language here that I already have a good head start on, so I'm noticing I'm finding lots of chances to submit reports. What I want to know is... is it possible I might be doing it too often? I don't want to cross that line between being useful and being annoying.

What's it like having to review and approve these reports? Is it massively time consuming? I don't want to be a nuisance. Also, sometimes I'm not sure if what I'm submitting is 100% grammatically correct. I also check as far as I can before submitting it, but don't know if the team receive too many false positives.

Fi'n moyn dweud hefyd bod y cwrs yn wych beth bynnag. Da iawn i'r tîm sy wedi treulio llawer o eu hamser nhw arni hi. Diolch o'r galon!

January 28, 2016



I can't speak for the Welsh contributors, but as a mod for Norwegian I can say that we definitely appreciate reports. As long as you're pretty sure it's correct (80% is fine!), then go for it.

If you're more than a little bit unsure, then I'd suggest asking in the sentence discussion instead. Questions there often spark discussions and receive answers which can benefit other learners following in your footsteps.

Do we get annoyed by "incorrect" reports? No, not unless they come paired with passive aggressive or profanity riddled freewrite reports.

People who take the time to report are integral to the quick improvement of beta courses. We love you! :)


Vi älskar ni också


Any reports that are sent to use are anon., so don't worry - we don't know who's who :) Secondly, NO! Report away! The only thing I'd ask is you suggest instead of just "reporting" as it's easier to accept or deny within milliseconds.

The only thing 'annoying' me at the moment is having to delete "The audio doesn't sound right" reports - as valid as they may be to the Welsh ear, there just isn't anything that we can do about it as it's TTS :P


You can still disable the audio exercises for those sentences, so the audio reports do serve a purpose. Of course actually being able to alter the sound would be better, but it's something. :)


That's all great to know. Yeah, I mostly just send the 'my answer should be accepted' reports and the odd 'this sounds wrong'. I'm kinda glad it's anonymous.


Just want to say thanks to you and the team for the hard work done, particularly with looking at the reports. I submit a few a day at the moment.


Have a look at this, posted just a short while ago, about how and when to use the Report function.

Have a look at the comments, too; some course moderators talk about what it looks like from their side.


I'm assuming this is the thread you meant to link. :)



Not sure what went wrong :) Thanks for finding it.

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