"Dw i ddim yn hoffi rhannu!"

Translation:I do not like division!

January 29, 2016



Me neither Duo.

January 29, 2016


But sharing is caring!

February 3, 2016


It can be fun!

March 4, 2016


so rhannu is a "duel use" word? Divide, division OR sharing? Based on context? New to welsh and completely unfamiliar with grammar... I heard it spoken some when I was young.

February 20, 2016


I wouldn't call it a dual use word, just one with a range of connected meanings.

A bit like "draw" in English, perhaps - it can be used to mean "pull" (a horse-drawn cart; to draw one's sword) or to mean "make a picture" (draw a flower; a pencil drawing) - originally, I think, from the idea of "pulling your pencil across the paper".

February 20, 2016


Can I use 'dydw I ddim yn hoffi' in this sentence?

September 14, 2016


I can hear a puff before a trilled r. Anyone else?

September 5, 2016


It's the computers way of pronouncing the letter "rh" which is an unvoiced version of R. you can compare the letters in this video. Or compared within a word from this lady.

September 21, 2016


The trilled R's tend to be very breathy. My friend (who's not Welsh) keeps telling me I keep adding h's to random words because of the 'puff'

September 6, 2016


But this means "I do not like division" so....why "sharing"? Is division and divide the same as sharing, I guess?

February 20, 2016


Looks like it : http://geiriadur.ac.uk/gpc/gpc.html?rhannu (also "distribute")

Makes sense in a way since if you share your apples with your friends, you divide the apples into portions and then distribute the portions to the friends.

German also uses teilen for both "divide" and "share" (and austeilen or verteilen for "distribute").

February 20, 2016


It's spelled r-h, but it's pronounced h-r, if that makes sense.

March 4, 2016


I'm not sure how "rhannu" should be pronounced. I hear a leading "t" sound from the text to speech. Is this correct?

March 1, 2016


Rh is pronounced as a trilled r and then annu is pronounced just like annie

May 3, 2016


Is this strictly mathematical division, or does it also mean things like political division?

October 6, 2017


It depends what you mean by 'political division'. rhannu means to share or to divide. hollti means to split.

If you look up 'division', 'split', etc here, you will see many examples which may help.

October 6, 2017
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