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  5. "Ydw, dw i eisiau bresych."

"Ydw, dw i eisiau bresych."

Translation:Yes, I want cabbage.

January 29, 2016



How would you say "a cabbage"?


'bresych'; Welsh does not have indefinite articles


I suppose you could specify "un bresych" if you want to buy one cabbage.


I said "yes, I want a cabbage" they counted it wrong I get that there's no "a" but I can still translate it as such


bresych is actually a plural noun. It is best translated as 'cabbages' or as 'cabbage/some cabbage/some cabbages' depending on the context:

  • Dw i eisiau prynu bresych - I want to buy some cabbage (as in some indefinite amount to use at home)
  • Ga i fresych, hefyd? - May I have some cabbage as well?

The singular is bresychen (a cabbage):

  • Dw i eisiau prynu bresychen i fy mam - I want to buy a cabbage for my mum (a single cabbage as that is what she has asked for, perhaps)

This sort of thing is very common when discussing food, plants, trees, etc - anything which tends to come or be discussed in bulk as well as as individual items.


Does 'Bresych' come from the latin 'brassica'?


Quite possibly. If you look it up in the on-line Geiriadur Prifysgol Cymru it will usually show the likely etymology.

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