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  5. "Mae o'n licio coffi."

"Mae o'n licio coffi."

Translation:He likes coffee.

January 29, 2016



This even sounds like licio'r when you slow it down it !


when do you use ''e'n'' and when do you use ''o'n'' or can it be either


They have the same meaning -- which one people use generally depends on where you come from. (I believe that o is mostly a northern thing while elsewhere you'll hear e.)


Apparently there used to be a Welsh TV comedy programme called 'Fe a Fo' (literally, Him and Him) about two guys, one from the north and one from the south.


"Fo a Fe" actually, a very funny programme starring Guto Roberts as a chapel-and-eisteddfod-going organ-playing northerner ("Fo") whose daughter had married the son of Ryan Davies, a boozing, betting southern ex-miner ("Fe"). The clash of cultures as they lived with their children was hilarious. http://cy.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fo_a_Fe Good grief, I see it ran from 1970 to 1977, when Ryan died - was it really that long ago?


My answer has been accepted but the answer given in green says "they will be back in one hour"?

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