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  5. "They do not know him."

"They do not know him."

Translation:Nie znają go.

January 29, 2016



Why is "nie go znaja" not accepted?


Because it is Yoda talk, very clumsy. "Nie" has to be in front of the verb it is negating, you cannot separate those two.


That also looks like you tried to say "It is not him who they know, they know someone else"... but then you'd need the emphasized pronoun "jego". "Nie jego znają".


But in a previous sentence when we said this cat doesn't like her, I'm pretty sure lubi came before jej.


It surely did. However, the discussion is about the negation preceding the pronoun.


I'm so very confused! Good thing this is the beginner level. Can't wait to see how insane it'll get down the road. :/


It's good you are ready for what's coming.


Why isnt oni jego nie znają not correct? I thought negative go makes it jego?!


Thinking same bro, im struck here help me


The genitive and accusative forms are identical, so "go" stays unchanged, no matter whether the verb is negated or not.

"Jego" is an emphatic form which is totally correct, but very unlikely in this context. It's like saying: No, it's HIM that we don't know, not the other guy.

There are similar sentences where "jego" is accepted, but I'm removing those answers wherever I see them. See this comment for additional information: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/12749660?comment_id=37924936


Is 'oni nie znają jego' also correct? Or do you have to use go?


There is difference in accent. Generally, "jego" is an accented version of "go" and usually unaccented version is used but you could say: "Oni znają nie jego, ale ciebie" (They know not him, but you). You should also use "jego" at the beginning of the sentrence.


Is it possible to say 'go nie znają'?


No, it would need to use the emphatic form "Jego", but even then it's pretty unusual. You can't start a sentence with "go".


Why is 'Ich jego nie znają' incorrect?


"ich" is not a subject pronoun, it means either "their" or "them".


Why not 'Jego nie znają' or is that placing too much emphasis on 'him' as if they know everybody else? Valid i think, but perhaps only in that context.


Yeah - technically correct, but strong emphasis that really rarely is natural.


'Oni go nie znaja' was accepted as correct. I'm assuming this just gives extra emphasis on 'they'. Correct?


Actually, this sounds pretty non-emphatic. Only first and second person subject pronouns give extra emphasis when explicitly mentioned. But I guess you can use your sentence for emphasis as well if you put more stress on 'oni' when pronouncing it.


Mmm, Don't quite see the difference from 1st,2nd person singular to 3rd person plural. What pronoun would the personnel say at a Ltd company take? 'They' I guess? 'Cash up front' because "THEY" don't know him.


1st and 2nd person forms of the verb always give you enough information by themselves, you don't need the pronoun. 3rd person forms need the subject to be known before - whether it's "Mark", "Joanne" or "My parents". But in reality the subject is usually known, it's the Duolingo sentences that do not have it.

I am confused about your company example... but if I was talking with my colleagues about our company, then I guess it's 3rd person singular, "The company does something".


Hi Thanks your comments. Re Ltd company in UK it's a legal entity, has similar rights, obligations as an individual. Just trying to gain some context in actually using the language in a commercial setting. I enjoy the App by and large but feel could be improved by having easily available tables re Pronouns etc as I'm spending a lot of time screen shooting Clozemaster and other new Polish language sites popping up now. I understand you, or the company is covering a lot of ground in terms of languages and I guess it all supply and demand. At the moment I'm devoting all my 'language time' just to Polish which may have fewer subscribers than other languages.

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