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  5. "Kto chodził tam z wami?"

"Kto chodził tam z wami?"

Translation:Who was going there with you?

January 29, 2016



Why chodził is translated as continuous?

In present tenses it is different: Idę do szkoly - I am walking to school Chodzę do szkoly - I go to school.


I think this sentence should be reported as wrong, but I did not have a chance.

Who was walking around there with you? - for the walk aimlessly for a period of time meaning of chodzić

Who used to go/walk there with you? - for walk/go frequently meaning of chodzić


Just to confirm, this means going 'there' on a regular basis in the past right?


First impression is who attended school with you. "Who used to go" would be my translation. /but I'm trying to learn English here /


It can also mean "Who was walking around there with you?"

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