"Chodziłaś do kina?"

Translation:Did you use to go to the cinema?

January 29, 2016

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I don't get it, why isn't it szłaś?

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Szłaś do kina? – Were you going to the cinema (at one specific moment I'm thinking of)?

Chodziłaś do kina? –Were you going / Did you use to go to the cinema (repeatedly, from time to time)?

Poszłaś do kina? – Did you go / Have you gone to the cinema?

Przyszłaś do kina? – Did you arrive / Have you arrived to the cinema (by foot)?

Doszłaś do kina? – Did you arrive / Have you arrived to near the cinema (by foot)?

Weszłaś do kina? – Did you enter / Have you entered the cinema (by foot)?

Of course, in all the sentences above the listener is female/feminine.


Ah you're right, chodziłaś do kina can indeed be translated as were you going, but not quite the first interpretation of the english phrase that'd come to mind - needs some context, like "during that year, were you going to the cinema every monday?" I'd normally say did you use to go to the cinema.


I agree. Chodziłaś do kina always meant "you used to go to cinema" in PL->Eng classes.

Maybe it is an English thing?

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Please add: You were going to the cinema?

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