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"Yes, he wants to drink some tea."

Translation:Ydy, mae e eisiau yfed te.

January 29, 2016



Why isn't "ydw" accepted? It was previously introduced as "yes" :< Also, the word "ydy" popped out without any explanation :< It is something like "yes he does" instead of ydw being "yes i am" ?


You're onto something :)

Welsh doesn't really have words for "yes" or "no" - instead, a form of the appropriate verb is used.

I believe some Welsh speakers do this in their English, too -- "Do you have a car? I do." / "Have you written the letter yet? I have."

"Ydw" is the form for "I", so it's used as an answer "yes" where "Yes, I am" would be appropriate -- but here, the subject is "he".

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