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Esperanto por UN--la sepa oficiala lingvo

Saluton karaj

It is nice to know that Esperanto was in the former UN, the league of nations but was delayed by the French delegates for further research and the world war 2 started.

Now, it is time for us to think about the possibility to make Esperanto the 7th official language in the United Nations amidst the calling of Bangla, Hindi even Bahasa Indonesia too.


Those countries, whose national languages are not the 6 official languages should consider to support this idea. This would reduce the cost of foreign language learning in those countries, besides, language lovers can have more time to learn more languages they love.

How many countries in the world are not using the 6 official languages as the national language ? I do not know. But I know that most Asian countries, only China and Russia have the chance to push their languages into UN. But alas, their languages are not widely used in Asia.

There are also many countries in EU, their national languages are not listed in the UN, they are similar like me, are forced to learn English without choice. A handful lucky ones, like Hungary can choose to have their foreign language. For example, Singapore made English as the first and one of the official language in the island. Last year, not even 80% of the primary school pupils were able to pass the Primary School Leaving Examination. In short, about 20% of the pupils are forced out of the secondary schools. They might be the future artists, singers, film directors, business people etc. But English language closes the door for them as what Patricia RYAN said in TED, do not insist in English.


It is similar too in my country and in Asia, especially China, the band 4 test.

January 29, 2016


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