"Dw i'n bwyta swper."

Translation:I am eating supper.

January 29, 2016

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Here are the translations for the words for the various meals of the day. Note that cinio appears twice:

  • brecwast - breakfast
  • cinio - lunch, dinner (midday meal)
  • te - tea (afternoon or evening meal)
  • cinio - dinner (evening meal)
  • swper - supper


Hey i wrote i am having supper and yet i got it wrong. Can anyone plzz explain why? Thank you.


Two different words:

  • bwyta - eating
  • cael - having


how would i differentiate between eat and eating? basically, between what i'm doing right now and what i do in general.


In Welsh though they translate both you eating now and you eating generally with "Dw i'n bwyta". Of course to be specific you could say "Dw i'n bwyta nawr" (I am eating) and "Fel rheol dw i'n bwyta" (I eat).


I never got my head around the (differences between) the English words dinner meal supper tea etc.

Is supper linked with a time of day or with the hotness/size of the meal?

)And seeing tea in the list I am assuming in Welsh too it means more than a drink? (Which kind of surprises me


In Britain, some people call an evening meal 'supper', others 'dinner'. Some people have 'dinner' in the middle of the day, some have 'lunch'.

'Tea' is a drink and it can also be an afternoon or early evening meal.

It varies...

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