"Oni nie lubią naszej okolicy."

Translation:They do not like our neighborhood.

January 29, 2016

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I'm trying to understand cases because I'm forever getting word endings wrong - can someone tell me why "okolicy" is in the locative here? - I mean, I know it is a place, but I thought the locative case was for when you are talking about where something is positioned.


It is not, it is genitive, You have accusative after lubię, and genitive after nie lubię

but some feminine nouns have singular genitive=locative.

Locative is only after a preposition , either location like "na, przy, w, " or about="o".


Thank you so much Immery! that makes sense - Duo had put (loc.) after the translation in the hints, or I wouldn't even have known to call it locative.


duo still has (loc) instead of genitive in hint.


Well, it's also Locative. Just not here.

Anyway, Duo doesn't want us to put the cases in the hints, unfortunately... so I guess I have to remove it.


Isn't "dzielnica" another word for 'neighborhood' or am I confusing it with a completely different word?


"dzielnica" is "a district", so it refers to some official division made by the government/city council, while "okolica" is as wide as is your own definition of this word. "Neighbourhood" seems like the best translation (although its best translation would actually be "sąsiedztwo", using the word for "neighbour" itself).


Why is "They don't like our hood" NOT accepted? :D


Can "okolica" have such a general meaning as "surroundings" or "environment"?


surroundings - yes, but I can't imagine it working for 'environment'.


I gave 'our area' as an answer, as we often interchange 'area' and 'neighbourhood'.


Generally I would be against, but with possessive... well, let's just say that "hot singles in your area" would have to be translated using "okolica". So ok, added here.

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