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  5. "Nie mam twojego adresu."

"Nie mam twojego adresu."

Translation:I do not have your address.

January 29, 2016



Can anyone point me to where the rules are for when you use words like twojego rather than twoj?


It is just declension , twojego is genitive singular masculine=neuter- we use it when it describes a masculine or neuter noun in genitive.


In case you wanted to know all forms of twój= your (1 person) wasz=your(more people)


Thank you again - I obviously haven't yet understood what "genitive" means - I thought it was to indicate possession, which I would have thought was always the case with twoj etc. I think I was asleep when they taught cases at school!


It is a Polish thing - most negations take genitive.


Mostly genitives are either possessives (words with 's on the end) or words with 'of' in front of them. Polish converts all negative direct objects into genitive, so in this example you can think of it meaning: I have not of your address.


Regarding genitives -- there are more than twenty five in Greek. Genitives of possession you know. You also have genitives of relationship and material too. Son of David or pail of water.


Added, of course.


Why is this algorithm so mad about typos in English? This is a Polish course, after all :D


I don't have your address should be accepted too.


Why is it giving me the genitive form 'adresu' before I've even seen the nominative?

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