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  5. "Meinem Vater gefällt das."

"Meinem Vater gefällt das."

Translation:My father likes that.

January 15, 2013



would:"Das gefällt meinem Vater" be correct?


thank you again. I do appreciate your feedback.


Why is it meinem rather than mein? Why is it in dative case?


Because the subject is "das". A literal translation of sentence would be "this pleases my father".


Then why "Meinem is put at the beginning instead of das?" Is it from a special rule for gefällt?


No special rule. German allows the first word in the sentence to be flexible - "Das gefällt meinem Vater" is just as grammatically correct. Only difference is, each sentence could emphasize something different.


why can't i say ´my father pleases this?


I am wondering that too. Especially given that "Mein Vater gefällt mir" would mean "I like my father"... but, writing this I realized that this is more about what case the nouns are in. :)


Can I render it as "This appeals to my father"?


I think "likes" is closer to the original but "appeals to" would also work. "it appeals to my father" would be closer to "Das spricht meinen Vater an" in German.


I think if you were going to translate it to French or Spanish, that would be the most direct translation.


What would it be in French? Because now all these cases and swapping around are confusing me. French is my first language, maybe it would sound more natural...


A more or less word for word translation would be "Ça plaît mon père". In Spanish, it'd be "Esto agrada a mi padre" In both cases, father is not the subject of the sentences.


Why can't I say "mein Vater mag das"?

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It's very clearly pronounced MeineN in the slow version for me. This happens often. Am I the only one with this problem?


I've noticed this even more in the Portuguese lessons than in German. I don't like to do the slow version unless I have to, but sometimes it's the only way to hear everything in a dictated sentence.


My father likes it is not accepted. I keep losing lingots from that/it. At least this is diese most of the time!

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