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"Nac ydw, dw i ddim eisiau pêl."

Translation:No, I do not want a ball.

January 29, 2016



So exactly what is the translation for ddim? I can tell it's a negation of some kind, but I don't necessarily understand their structure in Welsh.


Ddim can be translated to mean not, no or like you said it negates the sentence. It doesn't have a direct translation exactly because English grammar doesn't work like Welsh grammar.


So we have Nac ydw, which means I don't, and then we have ddim eisiau which also negates. So negation in Welsh is in both auxiliary and main verb in a sentence?


It's not 'ddim eisiau'. It's actually 'dw i ddim'.


where does the word Nac come from.


Not neccesarily confused, but boy oh boy do i wish you would let me mis type eisiau because i got real sick of hearing that sentence repeat several times

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