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Strange strengthening bug

Starting yesterday I noticed that every time I strengthen a skill (any skill), at the end it says "You have strengthened Commands1!" even though I was not working on Commands1 at all. It seems that the correct skill is actually strengthened, but the message is always the same.

January 29, 2016



One more data point -- just now I strengthened Family2 and it mentioned the correct lesson. So this does not apply to ALL skills, but definitely some.


It just happened again. I strengthened "Must&Not" and got the message "You have strengthened Imperfect!"


I'm not sure if anyone is monitoring this, but I think that I've uncovered the issue after much more testing. Apparently "Countries" is labelled as "Commands1" somewhere in the guts of the database. Probably a remnant of some early tree reorganization. Not a fatal bug, but certainly a little distracting.


I've noticed this too.

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