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  5. "Do you want a new shirt?"

"Do you want a new shirt?"

Translation:Dych chi eisiau crys newydd?

January 29, 2016



I'm a fan of teaching people about the variety of dialects and forms in Welsh, but maybe there should be some discussion of that fact somewhere in the course? (e.g. in this case, isio as a variant spelling/pronunciation of eisiau)


I agree completely!!! I sort of wish that they'd put little mathematical symbols next to the words (i.e. "dach" with a small "n" next to it) so we know what dialect they are.


I've not yet encountered "Dach" or "Wyt ti" in the course but they're given in the practice session.


I've learnt "Dych chi" so far, but the two correct answers here are "Wyt ti" and "Dach chi". Are they the same as "Dych chi"?


'Dach chi' is the North Walian equivalent of 'Dych chi'; 'Wyt means the same but is the intimate version used with friends and family. Grammatically 'Wyt ti' is the 2nd person singular while 'Dych/Dach chi' is the 2nd person plural, however 'Dych/Dach chi' is also the polite version you would use with a stranger or in a formal situation.

It's a bit like the tu/vous distinction in French, tu/Vd in Spanish and du/Sie in German. English lost this distinction a while ago when 'thou' fell into disuse.


Hello Grendel88. Thank you very much for the clear explanation! :)


You're more than welcome!


I thought it was "Wyt ti'n" :/


I chose dych chi, then it said i was wrong. It then played the question again, i chose Dach chi and it said i was wrong again???


How come the 'yn' isn't used for eisiau?

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