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Sorting per strengh in vocabulary doesn't work

When I try to sort per strength I do not get all the strong up and the weak down the list or vice versa. I seem to get random results. This is annoying to see what my weak words are and makes me doubt that "practice weak words" choses the right words for me to train.

Someone should look into this.

January 15, 2013



The sorting does work. It's just about how we group words when we display them in the sorted order. For example, we group "is" and "was" together, since they are both different forms of the verb "to be". However, your strength for "is" may be much higher than your strength for "was".


I see. I understand the logics, however it prevents looking at the weakest words. I find the grouping option very useful and it should not be removed. However a way it could be done would be by collapsing the other words, for example.

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