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  5. "Welchen Zug nehmen wir?"

"Welchen Zug nehmen wir?"

Translation:Which train do we take?

January 29, 2016



What is wrong with what train are we catching? It means exactly the same and is better English!


Why "Welchen"?

Shouldn't it be "Welcher"?

Or is somethink like a "reverse accusative" for questions?


"Wir" is the subject, "Zug" is the object of this sentence. "Wir nehmen welchen Zug?"


Thanks for explaining it and reordering the sentence

I think I need to get used to see a different word order than I expect.

The weird thing is that I can say it in my native language like that too, but I didn't realize this is the same. Maybe because we use a small separated part in front of the word to show accusative.


Which train do we take feels very awkward to me. I prefer 'which train will we take' but it was not accepted.


Not at all awkward. Imagine you and a friend are in a strange train station with different tracks. Wouldn't it be natural to say "Which train do we take?" On the other hand, you could be looking at a train schedule and trying to decide at what time you want to go. In that case you would say "Which train will we take?" which in German is "Welchen Zug nehmen wir?"


I agree. "Which train do we take?" isn't awkward. I'm sure that "Which train are we taking?" is accepted, too. That said, I disagree with Raisinnoir with respect to "Which train will we take?" as a possible interpretation. I believe the correct translation of this sentence would be "Welchen Zug werden wir nehmen?" as the English is future tense as opposed to present tense.


You are correct. The future tense would be "Welchen Zug werden wir nehmen?"But as in English, the future can also be expressed using the present. One person saying to another: "Which train are we taking?" (Welchen Zug nehmen wir?)


No I am not confused. In England we catch a train we do not take it.


Unfortunately, Duolingo is based on American English, not British English. If there's a conflict between the two, they go with American English over everything else.


I am not confused about this sentence. I am using idiomatic English. I am not American.


I don't think the translation is quite correct. It should be "which train should we take. To be fair both are correct.

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