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  5. "Yes, I want toast."

"Yes, I want toast."

Translation:Ydw, dw i eisiau tost.

January 29, 2016


[deactivated user]

    When is rwy used in conjunction with eisiau? Rosie


    The two are completely independent.

    Rwy is an alternative form of Dw i (I am). It is quite often used in written Welsh and you will sometimes hear it spoken, too.


    Does 'Dw i moyn tost' make sense?


    You will hear that is casual spoken Welsh, but it should be Dw i'n moyn ...

    The pattern with the noun eisiau with no linking 'n/yn is an exceptional one in Welsh.

    moyn is a verb-noun, so it should be used with the linking 'n/yn.

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