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  5. "Dw i wedi mynd."

"Dw i wedi mynd."

Translation:I have gone.

January 30, 2016



why is I went wrong? isn't that the same as I have gone - no-one says I have gone to Shrewsbury yesterday they say I went


"I went" is a different tense. It's "es i" in Welsh, but "mynd" is an irregular verb and I'm sure you will come to the rest of the forms as the course progresses.


This is a good question--and you should not have been voted down. I have but one upvote to give you, putting you back at 0.


'Dw i wedi...' is just how the perfect tense ( 'I have gone / done / dressed / sent / danced ... ) is constructed in Welsh.

As your question implies, that is a different tense from 'I went / did ' and so on, in both english and in welsh.

And yes - Duo often tests our ingenuity in imagining contexts in which a sentence designed to give us practice might be used, doesn't it?! But it is, after all, an artificial medium doing it's best to offer us opportunities for practising.

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