Translation:An underskirt

January 30, 2016

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Hmm, this one seems like a waste of precious brain space. This is the first time I have ever had to use this vocabulary!

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... but maybe not if you are a native Welsh speaker. I understand the pais is part of the traditional Welsh costume. You may like to read this http://folkcostume.blogspot.de/2011/12/costume-of-ceredigion-or-cardiganshire.html Maybe there is more information than you require but it puts it in context. Snapp: I also hadn't heard the word petticoat used in everyday language until I moved from England to S E Wales, over 30 years ago, where I found petticoat was the word normally used for what I would have referred to as an underskirt.


The 1912 Eisteddfod was disrupted by suffragettes who were described in an article in Y Brython (Welsh newspaper of the time) as "Gwylliaid Peisiog" - "Petticoated Bandits".


dw i'n hoffi "Pais Dinogad," can gymraeg


Dw i'n gwisgo pais heddiw. It is cold, and dry, and nylon makes too much static with my warm wool skirt. (Colorado).


what's an underskirt?


Pais = petticoat as in slip

Maybe that acronym will help me remember it overnight?!


There is also 'Pais Dinogad' a 7th century lullaby. The word predates petticoat or slip, and is used in the song to mean some sort of underskirt made from animal skin.


I assume the lullably refers to what GPC has as:

Dilledyn hirllaes baban gynt yn ystod ei fisoedd cyntaf:

long garment formerly worn by young babies, gown.

Pais Dinogad is the oldest lullaby in Welsh. You can hear a modern version of it here.


I feel like as a man there are many clothing related terms in English in these comments that are just foreign to me. What's an underskirt? What's a sheer? What's lined? What's a slip? What's a petticoat? Who knows!

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Here's the Welsh 'wici' definition of 'Pais', if you click on the English version of this you'll find much more detailed notes.


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