Translation:A boy

January 30, 2016

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Which dialect is this?


North but there are other words used in the north. Everybody should understand most of the words though.


This is absurd. This is a section dedicated to dialects without actually specifying which dialect each word belongs to.


It's really not that simple. Merch is mostly a south walian word but it is commonly used on the east of Anglesey in the north. This unit is more a way to show people the duplicate words since narrowing down each word to one dialect is reasonably difficult. For example I am happy to use "Merch", "Hogan" and "Geneth" for girl but my dialect is technically North.


which region of wales is geneth used?


It is common in parts of north Wales, especially in north-east Wales.

The word hogan is specific to north-west Wales


Would it not be frowned upon to mostly speak in a southern dialect, then use words from all over in your sentence?


As I was brought up in NE England, with a mostly Yorkshire family, had a good education and the lived in the English Midlands and NW my English is full of idiosyncratic vocab and pronunciation. Occasionally Southerners are puzzled (or even annoyed) by my northern vowels, but they never notice the inconsistencies. I doubt the Welsh are less tolerant than the English on this, especially with non-native speakers.

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    Is bachgen more common than hogyn?


    Depends which part of Wales you're in.

    bachgen is more southern, hogyn more northern.


    bachgen is actually local to north-east Wales, but it has become the 'standard' word used across much of Wales.

    hogyn is a north-west Wales word originally.

    crwt and its variants are more local to much of south Wales and parts of mid-Wales. There are other local words, too.


    Crwt? There is a village near me cwrtnewydd......new?


    Two different words:

    • crwt - a boy
    • cwrt - a courtyard. a court
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