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"My breakfast is coffee, bread, and cheese."

Translation:Мій сніданок - кава, хліб і сир.

January 30, 2016



How do you call cottage cheese/curd/russian творог in Ukrainian?

[deactivated user]

    Сир. :) We don't usually distinguish it as a separate notion in in Ukrainian.

    Wikipedia suggests using «дома́шній сир» or «кисломоло́чний сир», but it admits that these names are not well-established and only appeared recently. I've never used them myself personally, if I were to distinguish two kinds of сир, I'd usually add an adjective to other kinds of сир and keep the cottage cheese adjectiveless, it's the default kind of сир for me.


    So how do they name it in stores? Домашній сир?

    [deactivated user]

      Just «сир», or «сир» + brand name. In stores you can see what kind of cheese you're buying, so there's no need to add any adjective.

      I've never seen «домашній сир» used anywhere outside of Wikipedia. It's just «сир».


      Wow.. I put "брот" for bread (auf Deutsch...)


      I've noticed that all foreign languages occupy the same space in my mind. If I can't think of a word for something in one foreign language, then I usually think of the word in a different foreign language (usually one that I know reasonably well, such as German or Spanish) instead before my native English. And using each word in the correct context, with other words of that language, is like making nouns and adjectives agree in number and gender: not strictly necessary for comprehension (in my mind, and in reality among people who know both languages), but required for grammatical correctness, and something that becomes easier with practice.

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