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"Anschließend steigt er die Leiter hoch."

Translation:Afterwards he climbs up the ladder.

January 15, 2013



is the "hoch"in that German sentence part of an expression, or does it really stress that the person is climbing high up the ladder? Duolingo rejected my answer in which i added the word "high", so i think it is the former, but it feels weird so i'm asking you guys for a confirmation :)


'hoch' here tells you in which direction he's climbing. He can either climb the ladder hoch or herunter, each has possible synonyms, where hoch means upwards and herunter means downwards, just like up and down would in english.


Thank you Menschenkind!


You can also climb in, climb out, etc. einsteigen, aussteigen.


You can also use the dictionary hints they give you to see that actually, "hoch" is part of the word, which is "hochsteigen" http://www.dict.cc/?s=hochsteigen

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