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  5. "Dw i wedi mynd ddoe."

"Dw i wedi mynd ddoe."

Translation:I have gone yesterday.

January 30, 2016



wouldn't you say "I went yesterday"?. You can't have past perfect with a time word like "yesterday" so it's a bit ungrammatical in english. Also, wondering if this applies to Welsh. Do you have a distinction between went and have gone?


Yes it is as clumsy in Welsh as in English. You would say 'Fe es i ddoe' or just 'Es i ddoe' for 'I went yesterday'.


It accepted my answer 'I went yesterday' so I think it must just be an interpretation thing


just thinking the exact same thing


It is far too soon for sentences like this. This is very awkward.


Would "I had gone yesterday" work? It's no longer yesterday as far as I can tell.


"I had gone" would be not "dw i wedi mynd" but "o'n i wedi mynd"


Thank you for the clarification. I'm filing this under "things that I can understand, but I can't imagine when I'd rather to say it that way."


Yes, several of the wedi sentences in this course are rather odd, as present perfect + an explicit time component doesn't really work in many dialects of English including mine.

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