Translation:A burger

January 30, 2016



As a Welsh speaker I have seen byrgr and byrgyr but not byrger. I hear Welsh speakers say "Byrg-yr" but writing that as "byrgyr" is tricky as in standard Welsh spelling that second "y" should be similar to an "i" sound (as in "Mynydd" or "ynys").


It sounds like it should be spelled byrgyr


If it were spelled "byrgyr", I think it would be pronounced "buhr-geer", if I remember correctly. "Y" can also be pronounced as an "ee" and usually is pronounced like that at the end of words e.g. hwyr (hoo-eer, late) or hwyl (hoo-eel, fun) or byd (beed, world).


Really? The second vowel sounds more like an eh/ay sound to me.


First time hearing or seeing this word and I guessed the spelling, sounds about right to me.


I'm sure someone has already asked this somewhere, but what is that r sound called (that you hear twice in this word) and how should one go about practicing it? I find it very hard to replicate.


In IPA (the International Phonetic Alphabet), it is called an alveolar trill. Try to say an "n;" then try to vibrate the tip of your tongue.

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