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Selecting "English from French" maskes all others "X from English" sessions

I've started to learn English from French yesterday but it masked all my previous sessions "X from English". During a time I thought they were gone. I could retrieve them by selecting a previous language in the configuration. I consider this a bug, all sessions should be available from the up left menu at any time no matter the source language used.

December 21, 2013



This is the current design. We appreciate the feedback on this though. We'll see what we can do to lesson the confusion here :)


Thanks for your answer. So this is a design mistake. I don't know the percentage of users learning a language by reverse (native from foreign) or from a second one (foreign from foreign) but I'm one of them. I started that way just because duolingo had not yet the right combination. Surprisingly It happens to be very productive. But as soon as the right combination becomes available then we run to it. So many users, all early non-native learners, end up with this bug. Maybe others. Of course it is not an awful bug, just scary the first time encountered.

Daily reminders has the same issue, they all link to the same page, the last played with, not the one of the reminder.

Duolingo is great anyway.

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