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  5. "Dych chi eisiau blows las?"

"Dych chi eisiau blows las?"

Translation:Do you want a blue blouse?

January 30, 2016



The hint confusingly gives both blue and green (nature) can anyone explain this?


Maybe it's like in some Asian languages where they use the some word for blue and green and if you want to make clear what colour you are talking about you have to specify "las like the sky" or "las like grass".


So are there more than one word for blue? Which is used where?


Y Gath Ddu,

I believe the distinction between blue and green in Welsh is fuzzy and not in the same place as in English. I think that 'glas' can be both green and blue and that traditionally they were considered to be different shades of the same colour in Welsh. Probably why grass starts with 'glas'.

I'm only going through the tests right now, and I did put 'glas' in for green which got marked wrong. I believe it may be rare nowadays, but I was nevertheless taught it in an evening class along with 'gwyrdd'.



Many place names in Wales contain the historic glas for green, when there wasn't the distinction between the colours - Brynglas meaning green hill and not blue hill etc.


Interesting these little peculiarities between languages

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