"Oes gwallt byr gyda fe?"

Translation:Does he have short hair?

January 30, 2016

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what is the difference between fe/fo? is there any difference in the alternate constructions?


Fe is used in the south and fo in the north. Any answer should accept using either unless it is a listening one where you should write the one you hear. If you give an answer and it rejects it because you used fe instead of fo or fo instead of fe then report the sentence.


ah i must've just missed that explanation earlier on. thanks!


I don't know if there is a guide to it anywhere I just know because I'm native


I don't know which combinations are accepted, but you're not likely to hear "gyda fo" in a possessive construction, as that mixes the southern gyda and the northern fo - but it might be easier for the course creators to accept all combinations, including unlikely ones.


Weirdly, I've just read that combination in a Stori Sydyn book....I wouldn't have used it, for the reasons you give.


What is the difference between this and "Has he short hair"?? I have lost points unfairly on this question!

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