Crying owl

The owl cries every day, even though I practice almost every day. It's too difficult to meet the standard.

Pls make him cry less

February 15, 2012


This is a great incentive to practice more, isn't it? The owl is only a reminder... You should be geared to other things. ♥ levels, skill points or by friends.

@deNani, I totally agree the purpose of it. I just think that maybe the standard is a bit too high for some people. It makes little sense to have a goal that you cannot reach, and it may even cause frustration. Maybe it's better to make it flexible on how aggressive you want to be with practicing.

@Strong: Okay, these arguments are good . Maybe it's better to make the standard more flexible for all people. :) But, do you know? I don't watch every time at the owl. I'm learning for myself. The owl is a cute thing to make Duolingo for many people easier or ... funnier - i don't know. But YOU know, what you have learned. Thats all what you want, isn't it? To know that you have learn something, not only the owl shows... :)
  • it should not be a frustration You make the thing good!!!! ♥

Are you sure you are practising the way that the owl wants you to practise? I have found that choosing things to practise on my own doesn't change the owl's state at all, but when I click the button below the owl I just have to go through a number of questions and it's happy again.

Does the owl have a name?

haven't you noticed that yet?

give him bird feed

Duo cries every day until the day's goal is satisfied. The owl says Learning a language requires daily practice.

Same happens to me but not to my girlfriend. We have the same goal and we are learning the same languange. I wonder what's the difference?

i agree, but it makes me feel so terrible to see him cry!

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