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"Essa serpente tem cinquenta centímetros."

Translation:This serpent is fifty centimeters long.

January 15, 2013



This snake has fifty centimeters is the literal translation, if you wanna ask about measuring the correct sentence should be "Essa serpente mede cinquenta centímetros".


The translations of esse and este so far in this course seem to make them interchangeable, but not in this sentence apparently. I had understood that in European Portuguese este meant this and esse meant that. Can somebody crarify?

  • "Este" = near the speaker
  • "Esse" = near the listener
  • "Aquele" = far from both

The correct translations are "este" = "this", "esse" = "that", "aquele" = "that", but in Brazilian Portuguese you can also see "esse" being translated as "this", because in everyday speech people hardly discriminate between "este" and "esse" anymore, hence the confusion.

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