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  5. "Odwiedzasz moją ciocię?"

"Odwiedzasz moją ciocię?"

Translation:Are you visiting my aunt?

January 30, 2016



This sentence implies that you are visiting her now, right? So which sentence says 'I am (regularly) visiting my aunt?' (the perfectum?)


It means both. You need additional words like teraz=now, często=often , czasem=sometimes or you just know from context.

the split for two verbs is not often, only verbs of motion have clear split.


Thank you for your explanation! (Also on the other things btw :)) Can you give an example of these verbs of motion?


iść/chodzić - be going (walking)/go(walk)
nieść/nosić- be carring/carry (wear)
biec/biegać- be runnning/run
pływać/płynąć- be swimming/swim (go by ship etc- "water vehicle)) lecieć/latać- be flying/fly (go by plane etc - any "air" vehicle)
jechać/jeździć- be going (riding/driving)/go(ride/drive) (any land vehicle)

there are also pić/pijać, jeśc/jadać, być/bywać siedzieć/siadywać (also chadzać - another verb for go/walk) - first is for all present meanings, second only for "sometimes, often, never etc"

I reccomend this https://www.duolingo.com/comment/12724322


Why does the robot not do the 'ę' sound correct? Isn't it supposed to be a nasal vowel? This version sounds like a soft English 'e'. Which is the correct way to pronounce it?


I think the robot voice never (almost never?) nasalizes a final Ę in a word. And although personally I do nasalize every Ę, sometimes even too clearly, it's quite okay not to nasalize it when it's the last sound, or nasalize it 'only a bit'.


I typed ''you visit my aunt?'' but the correction was ''DO you visit my aunt?'' Which I don't understand because I thought if it was a question it would start with ''czy'' ''czy odwiedzasz moją ciocię?" BY ALL MEANS, CORRECT ME IF I AM WRONG. pls&thx.


Well, you're right and you're wrong. Just the fact that it ends with a question mark is enough to identify this as a question. But yeah, it could be also a surprised "What? You visit my aunt?!". Depends on the context.

If "czy" is used, then you can be sure that it is a real question.

If "czy" wasn't used, then we should accept the declarative word order like in your answer. Added now.


Why not mojego? Isn't it an action?

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